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was able to hold steady despite moving an hour back to 9 p.m.

In case your Focus on happens to be an phone, Symbian, Black Berry or Android os so you have a friend who is always active mailing e-emails therefore you needed to know exactly that which was remaining delivered then try out track emails to immediately study almost all their e-snail mail messages.

The episode will serve as a lead-in for the season three premiere of likely will return in March.

STORY: TV Ratings: ' Smash' Flops in Return, Outperformed by ' Betty White Birthday' Tuesday’s episode, which aired from 9-11 p.m., went up against the season two premiere of on NBC.

I will never understand the extreme self-confidence that some guys have -- complete, bottom of the barrel douches, yet somehow think they are coolest things since IPods and worthy of really accomplished women.

If I had a dollar for every time I got hit on by the biggest tool in the joint, I'd be able to pay my freakin credit card bill off.

I went first, and told him about my grandiose dreams of becoming a housewife, and how living at home was slowly crushing my spirit. He told me how he was just "hanging out" for right now.

I went on a date with one of these guys a few summers ago.

I was at a local college bar with a girlfriend, and it was a typical Saturday night in a small town.

I thought the move was cute, he almost got hit by a cop car to get my number.

He was attractive enough, and our conversation was peppered with wit, so I figured why not.