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- Create professional directory with option to choose from multiple home page layout options - Build links for your site - Exchange links with other Joomla/non-Joomla websites - Create a software downloads directory - Build internal links and improve SEO - Increases your site visibility - Monitor and generate incoming traffic to your site - Earn money with advertisements, category sponsorship, one way links and featured listings, with VAT integration - Issue discount coupons and collect payments using Offline or Pay Pal or 2Checkout. - A very powerful component - 25 modules, and handful of plugins for 3PD integration, all installed when you install the component.

Core Features: - One way links and Reciprocal links - Multiple link plans with extensive configuration.

When you double click on a search result the system will automatically navigate you to that item in the system.

Enhanced Grid Security - Previously, when a user had rights to a management grid, but one or more of the items listed was not available to them due to security filters, it was very hard to figure out if that record was missing or why the user was unable to find it.

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For example, being able to determine all the members who have Statement notifications linked to an address.- Advanced ACL for Categories and Listings - Native User profiles in JV-LD - Custom/Extra Fields for directory - Category specific custom/extra fields - Assign and manage tags for listings - Cache directory pages for faster loading - Define access permissions for listings - Advanced download permissions for files in listings.This enables you to use JV-Link Directory as a software downloads directory.It is possible to quote others' messages as well as to edit yours.'Related issues' allow developers to link issues to each other in order to remove duplicates or simplify their workflow.