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Conor did not attend the hearing, and had not been required to appear by the court.

In exchange for his admission of guilt, Judge Brooke Peterson handed down a six-month deferred sentence that will keep Conor out of jail and also result in his arrest being wiped from his record if he does not violate his probation.

When Hunter and Holmes arrive on campus white students jeer and taunt: "Two, four, six, eight. " After a sports event on January 11, a mob attacks Charlayne Hunter's dormitory and has to be driven off by police tear gas.

Instead of punishing the white rioters, UGA suspends Holmes and Hunter "for their own safety and the safety of other students." It is later revealed that some university and government officials hope to repeat the tactic that worked for the University of Alabama when they expelled Autherine Lucy after a white riot in 1956. More than 400 UGA faculty (a majority) sign a resolution condeming both the violence and the suspension, and calling for the return of the two Black students.

He completed that last condition ahead of his hearing on Wednesday and his lawyer presented the note to Assistant City Attorney Andrea Bryan, who deemed it acceptable in court.

Bryan spoke briefly about the court's decision on Wednesday saying that Conor received no preferential treatment.

To dress up like hispters: As part of a plea deal, he was given a six-month deferred sentence and told his arrest will be expunged from his record after his probation ends (Conor on left with father Robert F.

Kennedy Jr and brother Bobby protesting in Standing Rock last year)Judge Peterson also ordered Conor to pay a little over 0 in fines and fees and write his victim an apology letter.

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When deputies arrested 44-year-old Richard Heifner for allegedly committing aggravated assault at the Umpire High School, they also found drugs and a firearm in Heifner's vehicle.

However that six-month probation could prove to be a bit more difficult than Conor expected, with the judge ordering him to abstain from drinking alcohol or doing drugs during that time.

He has maintained that the fight began after the victim screamed a homophobic slur at one of his gay friends and he stepped in to help defend the individual, and his attorney Ryan Kalamaya repeated that same version of events in court.

Conor Kennedy has been spared from serving time behind bars following his arrest outside an Aspen nightclub just days after Christmas.

A lawyer for the college student entered a guilty plea to one misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct on Wednesday during a hearing at the Aspen Municipal Court.