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Because I don't always have the time or inclination to change his wet diapers or put him to bed in his nursery, so I hired Julie to help out on occasions like today. I more or less tolerated him, since we worked together and he pestered me continually about dating him.

Finally one day, I relented and we went out on a first date.

While some people are able to cure their bedwetting using alarms, medicines, surgical procedures, or other methods, other people suffer from this problem their entire life-statistics vary but anywhere from 1 to 3 % of adults wet the bed.

This figure could be significantly higher due to the stigma surrounding adult bedwetting.

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We have new labels and new products for this regression, all of them sterile and clinical so that no one will feel like they fell off the conveyor belt.This article offers suggestions about how you can tell your boyfriend or girlfriend you have to wear diapers because you wet the bed.Wetting the bed at night (the medical term is enuresis) is more common in adults than you might think.Plus, the surgery even reduces the size of his penis. Community Q&A Although most people probably associate bedwetting with children and teenagers(as well as the elderly), there are people of all ages who experience this problem.