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Written and directed by Eloise Lang and Noemie Saglio, who first brought the sketches to Canal in 2013, the movie kicks off with the self-congratulatory caveat: “Everything you’re about to see was shot with hidden cameras.” While that generally seems to be the case — although there are moments when the multiple angles feel extremely staged — that doesn’t make the viewing experience any more pleasurable, even if Cottin puts plenty of energy into her role as a status-obsessed 30-something who’d rather hook up with Prince Harry than get a real job.

That’s the plot on which the nonstop candid-cam gags are hinged, with many of them involving Cottin saying mean and stupid things to tourists, taxi drivers, pharmacists and random passersby, while wearing ridiculously short skirts to show off her killer legs.

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Make friends, watch amateur videos and participate in LIVE webcam sex chats. It seems to be a deliberate attempt to tarnish the already questionable reputation of Parisian women throughout the world, lampooning their supposed preoccupations with luxury fashion and perfectly thin bodies.There are a few amusing moments, including a scene where Camilla (as the character is called) tries to take etiquette lessons from a British expert, leaving him politely stupefied by her rudeness.Her work has been especially important in recent years as it becomes clear how often women are harassed online and at risk of having their data exploited.For her new book, (No Starch Press), Blue worked with attorneys, psychologists, and tech employees to put together a practical guide to online privacy that doesn’t require a huge amount of background knowledge.