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I normally would never comment on this but it’s beyond annoying at this point. We filmed the race this past summer and separated by the end of filming.I am so so incredibly happy in my life and have fully moved on. Her agent told her "You’re way too ripped to keep modeling.You need to go to the fitness side, or gain some weight and get softer and be a model." At the 2006 Grand Prix of Houston, she won the local round for the Face of Champ Car beauty contest (with her duties later taken over by 1st Runner Up Angela Rutledge).She attended Spring High School, and was active in basketball, volleyball, track and rugby.

UPDATE: Brooke “Tessmacher” Adams posted the following photos on Instagram showing off her new “rebound” boyfriend: ORIGINAL: “Get Carter” sent this one along: Brooke Adams (Tessmacher) posted this on her Facebook recently: I do not mind sharing my personal life on social media.I’m truly blessed to have been a Knockouts Champion twice. Also, seeing the beautiful landscape and architecture of different countries. He tends to smack very loudly and eats crazy fast like he's missed a few meals. To trust and build more confidence in myself, to be more patient, and to trust Rob again. Favorite hobbies: Training, wrestling and seeing movies. Amaury Nolasco from “Prison Break.”What scares you most about traveling? Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: I think Brooke runs from our arguments and then they linger. Its a 1940's comedy placed in the 1980's but done at the cost of losing the sparkling banter of that earlier age.You'll have to add your own interpretation to bring this into the gay and lesbian category.