I wanted to write about my experience with CAMVAP, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of written, detailed stories out there.Most of the story’s on the blogs, or forums regarding CAMVAP aren’t finished, or don’t describe other peoples experiences in detail.It’s a free service for consumers that operates in all provinces and territories.

For readers who may be unfamiliar with CAMVAP, since 1994 this not-for-profit organization has played an important role in resolving disputes across Canada between consumers and auto manufacturers.

I want to write, and tell about my experience CAMVAP, and Chrysler Canada.

So below, I have written a review, a guide, and a story all mixed together about my experience with CAMVAP.

CAMVAP is the alternative to Lemon Laws in the United States. The following automobile manufacturers are enrolled in the program: We can help resolve consumer disputes involving new and used vehicles.

The Consumer Protection Office provides assistance to consumers who have problems with their purchased or leased vehicles.