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To be honest, when the film opened up with the cartoon like drawings of Mount Fuji I was a little dubious, but as soon as the first scene kicked in I was hooked!

We are slowly drawn into the life of Rudi and Trudi Angermeier, opening up with Tudi being told by doctors that her husband does not have long to live and that maybe they should go on a vacation, an adventure.

But, I love the first week of April in Tokyo and the second week of April in Kyoto.

Also, if you go to Yoshino, March 28 or 30 to April 11 or 12 might be better, because early April can be too early.

Another clue of a pretender is a woman who has a poorly written profile.

A good online dating site has a large membership base and an interface that doesn’t require a rocket scientist to figure out. If you are an English native speaker, people will be quite friendly towards you and definitely curious to find out more about your background.

They have another son who lives in Tokyo who we meet later in the film.

What follows is a very heart-felt exploration of an older couple very much in love.

Cherry Blossoms was just one of 15 films I have seen this year at the Seattle International Film Festival, and it has beaten my previous favourite from the festival this year, ' The Home Song Stories', into first place.

Cherry Blossoms was not just my favourite film of the festival, it has probably got to be the best film I have seen in a long time hands down.