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The resort has a wonderfull sandy beach, safe bathing and mountain views to die for, In fact every facility you could wish for from a top class location.

The Marina is one of the principle Marina's on the south of the island, servicing the needs of Los Americas, San Eugenio, Torviscus and Fanabe and is part of a very up-market modern development.

Asiatic and Oriental lilies are examples of true lilies.

From taking apart the engine to service all small parts, to boom and hydraulic repairs, our mechanics make sure that nothing is left uninspected.

Plus, they make wonderful cut flowers, coming in pink, gold, red, orange, and white colors.

Lilies bloom tend to bloom from early summer to fall, depending on the type.

The exterior of the trucks are also reconditioned, from repairing rust damage to fixing damaged frames.

This process sets us apart from the competition, making our equipment the highest quality you can receive from a pre-owned truck.