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At thirteen years of age he was teaching others to play the guitar.One of Smith's students bought a new guitar and gave him his old guitar, which became the first guitar Smith owned.It was of café-au-lait crepon, over a lining of yellow silk.The skirt was cut out in a deep Vandyke edged with a fringe of white silk, which fell to the hem.

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Having become increasingly interested in the jazz bands that he heard on the radio, Smith gradually moved away from country music towards playing more jazz.

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1940, VG , original heavy weight high profile tone ring (3 lbs.

Underneath the fringe, one caught occasional glimpses of yellow lining.

The bodice had a rounded collar of mauve taffeta covered with guipure ―It was a union of quiet contentment…There probably never was so unostentatious a Vanderbilt wedding since the family made its millions.

Dating a dangelico