Dating boy scout uniforms

CLICK HERE for the Boy Scout Uniform Checklist, to help guide your choices.Due to BSA policy we cannot complete your sale online.The BSA’s Trained patch sends a clear message to Scouts, fellow Scouters and parents.It says, “I know what I’m doing.” So which adult leaders are eligible to wear this badge of honor?A member of our Shop staff will contact you to get your payment information and complete your sale.

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Note that the Webelos belt buckle will fit either the blue or the olive belt, but the adventure loop recognitions fit only on the blue web belt.

When a boy first joins Cub Scouting, his uniform will display only those badges that identify his status: the World Crest, which shows him to be a member of the worldwide Scouting movement; the national flag; his council strip; his pack number; and his den number.

They’re also eligible to wear it if they have completed Youth Protection Training and a previous basic training course when it was current.

Here’s everything you need to know about the BSA’s Trained patch: These requirements are for adult leaders.