Dating during a divorce in michigan luxary dating

The attorney who provided this site does not maintain the external web sites accessed through external links, and therefore the attorney who provided this site assume no responsibility for their contents.The provision of a link by the attorney who provided this site does not constitute any endorsement of the other site, its sponsor or its contents. Users of this site should always seek the advice of counsel in their own jurisdiction.An attorney can assist you with these details and help you determine if this is a wise decision. The spouse might want to raise this point but the Judge's usually don't make this an issue unless there is an issue with children.GF should not be picking up and dropping off the children if that applies.The Court does not take kindly to introductions to "dating" people when parents are still married.There is nothing illegal about the activity you are suggesting.Alaska is a no fault state meaning that you do not need a reason to get a divorce and if you date someone it won't be used as a means for the divorce to occur.

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If you have any questions, please call us at (248) 584-0400. The Complaint must also state that the party filing the Complaint has lived in Michigan for 180 days and in the county in which they are filing for 10 days. The other spouse is identified legally as the Defendant.The retainer fee is generally like a "deposit" on your case and the hourly rate works off the retainer. Some retainers are refundable up to the point they are unused.Some retainers have a portion that are non-refundable.The person initiating the divorce files a complaint with the court.The spouse then normally files an answer to the complaint.