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That isn't to say I'm against romance or that I have never felt deep emotional bonds with others.

I'm pretty open to the idea of hooking up and possibly get into a relationship (though I'm not looking) but I feel like I shut down when it comes to flirting with women.

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The “Bigfoot” phenomenon has been the subject of or mentioned in numerous books and movies as well as throughout pop culture for generations. Animal Planet has given its viewers the opportunity to watch a team of scientists on their quest in “Finding Bigfoot,” which just began its second season on air.

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News obtained an exclusive interview with Ranae Holland, who is one of four cast members, and is known as the skeptic of the group.

Holland, who is an out lesbian, said that her relationship with “Bigfoot” dates to her childhood.“Growing up in South Dakota in the 1970s, I remember the ‘Bigfoot’ craze that existed at that time,” she said.

Overall, it would seem like a success, but I'm doubting myself so hard right now.

See, after going home and describing the afternoon to somebody else, I realized that this girl was trying to get me to be physical with her, like kiss and hold hands and hug and stuff, the entire afternoon, and I totally missed almost all of her signals and misread them in the stupidest way possible, like she kept stopping the conversation, leaning in, twisting her hair, and looking at me flirtatiously, and I interpreted it at the time as her being awkward and not knowing what to say next, so she was looking at me flirtatiously as a default or something since it's a date, and that's what people do on dates is look at each other flirtatiously.