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On this page, you'll learn about the different types of cylinders available, the valves that open and close the cylinder, and required maintenance procedures.Scuba cylinders are filled to air pressures ranging from 2000 to 3500 psi (pounds per square inch).Shown below is an example of the current crown markings stamped on the standard S80 (80 cu ft, 3000 psi) SCUBA cylinders manufactured at Catalina Cylinders, Garden Grove, CA.Under the example of the crown marking is a list of each of the specific crown markings followed by a brief explanation of that marking.So why would anyone care about what’s stamped on a scuba tank? P697426 This particular tank’s unique serial number.Maybe you’re in the market for a used tank and you want to get a sense of its age and history; maybe you want to make sure that guy at the dive shop isn’t trying to sell you a hydro before you actually need one; or maybe, being a gearhead, you’re just curious. Other tanks, especially those of the steel variety, often will provide additional markings to indicate tare weight, maximum test pressure, carbon dioxide capacity, etc. LUXFER 10A05 SO80 LUXFER = the tank’s manufacturer 10 = Month of manufacture A = Inspection code symbol 05 = Year of manufacture SO80 = Luxfer’s model/part number for this cylinder, indicating its capacity in cubic feet at normal working pressure (this is a standard 80 cubic foot tank; a SO40 would indicate a 40 cubic foot tank, SO30 a 30 cubic foot tank, and so on). The following markings were taken off an everyday aluminum 80 pulled from Scuba Lab’s tank inventory; these types of markings can be found on virtually any tank. TC-3ALM-207 – Canadian regulatory authority markings. TC = Transport Canada (showing the tank meets Canadian specifications). DOT = Department of Transportation (showing the tank meets U.

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with 10,000 members All skills levels and questions are welcome and you won't get flamed in our forums Monthly Happy Hours and meetups countrywide!!!You can discuss SCUBA diving locations, equipment, holidays and more. Scuba cylinders are probably the most recognizable piece of scuba equipment.3ALM = Canada’s specification code for 3-gauge aluminum. 207 = the tank’s service pressure (also referred to as working pressure), expressed in bars.