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10 Things Your Future Self Will Thank You For Imagine if your future self could see you now. “I thank you for NOT eating that next tub of ice cream! For example, if you want to be in perfect health and shape in ten years’ time, you need to eat and drink the right things now that will ensure that happens. As you read this article, picture your future self perched on your shoulder, nodding appreciatively.

Basically, do the things today that will make sure your dreams come true.

This year, the show is back for season two with a new leading character: Chloe Cunningham.

Unlike her predecessor Lucy Lambert, Chloe is a little more of a pessimist who's convinced love gets in the way of having fun.

You might not realise it yet, but your future self is someone you’ve really gotta look out for.

Let’s take a look at the ten things they’ll be most grateful for!

Then we have to do the things today that will ensure our life pans out exactly as we want it to.

It was completely stupid, and didn't make me feel like me.Plus, I'd pretend to enjoy certain movies, simply because they were his favorites.I was afraid of judgment if I didn't share in his interests.When she's contacted by her future self with some advice about her approach to relationships, we're sent on a whirlwind adventure of following Chloe through her lessons in love and dating.Shiri Appleby On Her New Show, 'Dating Rules From My Future Self'Recently, we spoke with actress Candice Accola who plays Chloe and is known for her role as Caroline Forbes on comes at a great time -- right on the heels of her recent "Choice TV Female Scene Stealer" win at this year's Teen Choice Awards.