Deanna pappas now dating ace amerson

#happydaddy." Overjoyed to start their family, De Anna Pappas Stagliano announced the birth of she and her husband's baby girl on Thursday (February 6). The “Bachelorette” beauty told People magazine “We are so very excited!

The "Bachelorette" star's hubby Stephen Stagliano tweeted on Saturday, "Our little angel is here! We had been trying for almost a year; we wanted this so badly.” Ready to spend the rest of their lives together, De Anna Pappas tied the knot with Stephen Stagliano in Palmetto, Georgia on Saturday (October 22).

From there, Pappas attended the Gaddy's School where she earned her real estate license.

Pappas, of Greek heritage, who is the middle of three children, was born in Marietta, Georgia, and shortly thereafter moved to Kentucky with her mother and siblings.She made it to the final two and Brad planned to propose to her, even flying her father out for the event.On the morning of, he had a change of heart and broke up with her instead.He never doubted his attraction to her, happily giving her a rose week after week.While many of the girls did not like her because she spoke her mind, Brad liked that she didn't want to play games and was up front about how she felt.