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Not only is Marco an excellent artist, but he’s funny as hell too. I don’t want to give away all surprises though so check out the gallery below then swing by Marco D’Alfonso’s Deviant Art page for his full portfolio. Hopefully one of those will be of Batman (sans mugshot of course).

In fact, the bulk of his works are based on some sort of humorous mash-up like Snoop Dogg/M. Also, leave a comment below and let me know which one is your favorite (mine is the I’m sure some of you have already seen these vintage mugshots of Batman villains by Jason Mark, but they are new to me so here we are. I’d love to see Jason’s take on the World’s Greatest Detective circa 1930/40.

is one of the most storied franchises in all of video game history, and the blonde hottie Sonya Blade is one of the constants throughout the series.

The following is a list of games in which crossovers appear in either the form of a cameo of any kind, a guest character, or the theme of "crossover" in general in a video game itself: This includes crossovers and cameos of characters from games owned by one company and close affiliates.

Events in Rape Lay range from groping on a train to gang rape and forced abortions.

Le treizime, et non des moindres, pisode de mf-Series avec Oba, la femme la plus reprsent dans ce jeu qui a pour marque de fabrique les gros seins, les belles animations et un gameplay le plus simple du monde car cest plus une compilation danimation quautre chose. Toujours se plaindre de tout et nimporte quoi juste pour lui faire de la peine. Pour a, heureusement que vous avez une femme aux superbes seins pour vous sauver la vie !

Before I would just enjoy the random cosplay pic that I would come across online without really paying much attention to the cosplayer, but once I started taking note of who people actually were (Jessica Nigiri, Yaya Han, etc) one of the first I started following was Fooly Cooly. (which is as amazing as you think) and Professor X/Hodor.

I know we usually feature hentai artists (or at least sexy pin-up artists) in our Artist Spotlight articles, but I figured I’d make an exception for the extremely talented, Marco D’Alfonso. Marco also does a great job mimicking other artists like Jack Kirby and Walt Simonson which allows him to come up with some truly awesome fake comic book covers (the Terminator comic is awesome). Jason Mark said he’s hoping to have 12 pics in the series so that means there are 5 more left.