Evelyn mcgee colbert dating

By Megan Smolenyak, Contributor February / March 2015 It was a damp morning in late February 2008 when the phone rang.

Evelyn Colbert’s Emmy Award winner hubby, Stephen Colbert who is currently host of the satirical news show The Colbert Report has been appointed to replace David Letterman, when he stands down from one of the most coveted slots on US television in 2015, after 21 years.

Looking for a way to turn late night television host Stephen Colbert into a giddy schoolboy?

Why don't you ask him how he knew his wife, Evelyn, was "the one."One audience member attending a taping of "The Late Show" happened to do just that during a Q&A session, and we're SO lucky that he did.

Emma Watson looked like a work of art herself when she attended the 2016 Museum Of Modern Art Film Benefit in New York last night!

The actress wore a bewitching black velvet dress for the occasion, which Rebecca Corbin-Murray styled with a chic choker and barely there sandals by SUSI.