Female scarcasm about dating predating invoices

It’s 2015, and every conversation takes place over texting.There is nothing worse than someone who takes hours to respond due to the sheer fact that he or she can’t think of WTF to say.It’s a huge indication of intelligence, and honestly, isn’t that one of the best traits to look for in a partner?

It serves as the perfect defense mechanism, and it certainly comes in handy when f*cking with people.

This is because by being sarcastic while talking to another person, you suggest that they “get” you – that they know what you mean and they can see the underlying message that you are trying to convey which might be the direct opposite from what you are actually saying, which is a great connection to have with anyone – your friend, your brother or sister, or your potential or existing romantic partner.

Sarcasm is also the core of that attractive sense of humor that so many women want to see so badly in the guy they are dating.

I wish I could stand longer – it’s kinna fun.” The latter is likely to get a major giggle from a girl who can relate and who is equally frustrated with the same line and open a conversation. When you go out on a date, and a girl asks you “Do you bring all the girls on your first dates here?

” the “No, you are the first and only one I brought here” is hardly going to spark an attraction between the two of you.