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The Ten Commandments, also known as the Decalogue, are a set of biblical laws relating to ethics and worship, which play a fundamental role in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.The commandments include instructions to worship only God, to honour one's parents, and to keep the sabbath, as well as prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, theft, dishonesty, and coveting.Absolute zero implies no movement, and therefore zero external radiation effects (i.e., zero local electric and magnetic fields).The second thus defined is consistent with the ephemeris second, which was based on astronomical measurements.

The Tyndale and Coverdale English translations used "ten verses".For years, the Phillies were happy to trade offensive production for some defensive liabilities at first base. First base is the least-challenging position on the defensive spectrum, a place where teams have traditionally stuck prototypical power bats.But some of the game's top-hitting first basemen in 2016 - Anthony Rizzo, Brandon Belt, Freddie Freeman, and Wil Myers - also ranked among the best with the glove, using an advanced metric called defensive runs saved (DRS).The Geneva Bible used "tenne commandements", which was followed by the Bishops' Bible and the Authorized Version (the "King James" version) as "ten commandments".Most major English versions use "commandments."‎, Luchot Ha Brit, meaning "the tablets of the covenant".