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Still, he wasn't expecting anything much to come from it.He figured he'd do some gigging around town or maybe pick up a trade job on the side to pay the bills.

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In 1994, Welch’s repertoire consisted largely of a number of songs that would never find their way onto a record, a handful of traditional tunes, and some John Prine covers.From classic collaborators like Simon & Garfunkel to newer-comers like Shovels and Rope, and beyond.Woody and Cisco weren't just musical collaborators, they were also great friends and traveling companions.His alt-country band Whiskeytown dissolved, thanks in large part to major record-label consolidation; a long-term relationship with music publicist Amy Lombardi ended, prompting her to move out of the New York City apartment she and Adams shared on 10th Street and Avenue A; and, worst of all, the singer ran out of money.Having spent three years living in Manhattan, Adams felt he had no choice but to move back to his hometown of Jacksonville, North Carolina.