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All events that require approval before being published are submitted by staff members via their intranet to an internal calendar.

An email notification is automatically sent to the calendar administrator who can then configure the event and move it to the appropriate public calendar.

Furthermore, he says there are no federal laws that specifically address the rights of utility customers. As the NCLC guide explains, gas and electric service is typically regulated by state Public Utility Commissions (PUCs).

With loads of ways to fund your VCpay app, it’s the easiest way to pay for goods online: Want to give someone a few free Uber trips?

But I know that’s not always easy if you’re on limited income, or on a fixed income due to retirement or disability.

What happens if you run into problems with a utility bill? To get answers to some of the most common problems facing customers, I spent time talking with Charlie Harak, managing attorney for the National Consumer Law Center. Harak says the first thing to understand is that most consumer protections apply only to gas and electric services.

SAPL also provides four of Trumba’s many calendar view options (table, list, month and detail) allowing visitors to tailor their view to their individual preference.

Trumba’s online event submission feature makes it easy for SAPL to collect events from library staff across the branches.