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The “heir” is always the sole beneficiary of this estate. This Barrister or Solicitor will allege that there are many millions of US dollars currently being held in a bank account and that certain “fees” or “taxes” must be paid before the millions can be transferred to the US and deposited into the “heir’s” bank account. They all purport that the recipient had a blood relative who resided in their country and who left a very sizable estate [usually more than US,000,000.00] after dying in an accident. Harding, I am a senior partner in the firm of Midland Consulting Limited: Private Investigators and Security Consultants.We are conducting a standard process investigation on behalf of HSBC, the International Banking Conglomerate.For a relatively small fee, say around , you can receive this report.They may also propose to administer your inheritance claim for you, for another “small fee”.

Over the past four years, Canadians have reported losses of almost million to authorities.The essence of this communication with you is to request you provide us information/comments on any or all of the four issues: 1-Are you aware of any relative/relation who shares your same name whose last known contact address was Brussels Belgium?2-Are you aware of any investment of considerable value made by such a person at the Private Banking Division of HSBC Bank PLC?If you receive a notification in the mail from an “estate locator” saying that there is an unclaimed inheritance waiting for you, beware. Just like winning the lottery, notification of an unexpected inheritance from a friend or long-lost relative’s last will and testament can seem like manna from heaven. They pose as “estate locators” and will most likely contact you initially via the mail.In their correspondence, they will indicate an unclaimed inheritance is waiting for you.