Is seal dating anyone

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The first thing I always get my clients to do is to write down the top 5 reasons someone would want to date them – these have to be unique and not generic.

We're told there were no big fights over money, and they reached a property settlement agreement months ago. as we reported, Heidi split from Seal because she claimed he had an out-of-control temper that scared her and the kids.

no problems splitting property and NO spousal support. they did not have a prenup, but signed a postnup at some point during their marriage, keeping much of their earnings separate.

The following year, he released his first solo album, Seal, which sold three million copies worldwide and spawned the classic song Crazy.

"I knew the album was good," he said, "but never expected so much success so soon." Tall he"s a towering 6ft 4in and handsome, Seal had a dramatic image to match his pop-funk-dance sound.