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Thompson), a diminutive and less than well-endowed virginal high school student who has a hopeless crush on his beautiful classmate Anastacia (Kristinia De Barge), who barely knows he exists.

His only hope to impress her is to join the school's hottest "clique" and help them win a hip-hop, "Lock-In" dance competition, which offers a ,000 prize.

They have to make a commitment and build an infrastructure; Hiring black executives here and there makes little difference because those black executives don’t really have enough power; it looks good on paper. I’ll have their attention all this week, and maybe next week, but after that, nothing; They’re not in the ‘black film’ business, because studio models are about tentpole movies, and international; so they’re not jumping into our business.. Two more feature projects are on the horizon Clanagan shared, although he couldn’t reveal anything further about them, as deals for each aren’t completed yet.

the hit five-season drama based on the 1997 movie of the samename about the personal and professional lives of three sisters in Chicago,when I was doing research for After in 2003 on a potentiallesbian story line.

Sneaked into a limited theatrical run primarily to raise VOD interest, is the sort of oppressively offensive comedy that makes you aware of your brain cells dying as you watch it.

LIST The Hollywood Reporter Reveals Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films There is at least an element of sweetness to the proceedings in the form of lead character Jason (Bobb'e J.

I also like the story line about Teri’s strugglesat her (all white male) law firm, and was cheering when she finally stuck itto them.

And I’ve been a fan of Parker’s since she played Laurel Holloman’slove interest in the campy teen lesbian romance wentoff the air in 2004 and UPN and The WB merged last year.

And thanks to the success of that marketing campaign (as seen in box office returns for the company’s aforementioned two recent releases), Clanagan and Code Black are perplexing Hollywood studios who are certainly watching the company’s success with interest, given the anomaly that is the *black audience* from the POV of (mostly white) studio execs; but Clanagan, while flattered and open to opportunities, isn’t interested in any agreements that require that he relinquish control.Katt's lawyer, Shawn Holley, was in court Tuesday when the judge…READ MORE Katt Williams is dodging jail time for the alleged robbery of paparazzo in Bev Hills by copping a plea.Indeed it is a good time to be in the Code Black Entertainment business as AMCi (AMC’s relatively new independent film release initiative) confirmed over the weekend that the black-owned and operated film production/distribution company run by Jeff Clanagan, holds the top two highest grossing films in AMCi program history: 1) , which opened in limited release this weekend, on 102 screens in the USA, grossing just about 0,000; and, by the way, held the highest per screen average of all films in commercial theatrical release this past weekend (yes, even higher than We have here 2 black independent films that many of you who read this site may not have yet seen (and may never even see), but that have clearly successfully found their target audiences via a robust, and relatively inexpensive digital marketing strategy that, as Clanagan said in our brief conversation over the phone yesterday, is all part of an “The highest grossing weekend since AMC started the AMCi program; from that standpoint, it’s a success for us, and also for AMC…and shows that it can work for indie filmmakers and indie films… I’m very committed to the AMCi program, and we’re going to grow that relationship,, and Mr Clanagan (who shared that his expectations for the film’s opening box office take were surpassed – 0,000 versus the 0,000 he projected), stated that the plan was to open the film on 75 to 100 screens in the top 17 or 18 major markets, targetting high-grossing screens.