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Asad Ali, 47, was on Tuesday granted an adjournment to August 27 to gain medical reports to assess his health.Note: You will need an NBA League Pass Broadband subscription to watch NBA games on the NBA Game Time Channel.You cannot use an NBA Game Time TV or NBA Game Time Mobile subscription with the Roku player.-RRReply For Wed. games use TNT website or app or TNT Overtime or For games Friday on ESPN, you must download the Watch ESPN app if you don’t have a normal TV with espn You do NOT need League Pass or a Roku to watch it.Sentenced to 3 yrs jail with 18 months suspended - To serve 18 months jail. While on parole for rape, Alexander broke into two homes as couples and their children slept inside...Pleaded guilty to 8 charges, and was jailed 14-6-2013 to four years and three months, with a one year and nine month minimum.