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The adult films star, recently making headlines for possibly scoring with another athlete, turned her rage — and 749,000 followers — toward Del Zotto, a former Ranger.The current Flyer apparently has been bombarding Ann with requests to play Cupid and set him up with women.Let this be a lesson to us all: Don’t ask the porn star you used to date to play matchmaker.Michael Del Zotto had to be the courier for this universal message, and legendary porn star Lisa Ann had to be the (G-rated) teacher.When did your interest in music actually transition into getting up into the DJ booth? I’ve always been heavily into music, especially house and hip-hop.

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When I’m not on the road, I have a ton of free time—on practice days I get back from the rink around 1 or 2 and then have about eight hours or so before I go to bed. I understand where I’m at as far as my contract, being a UFA this summer. I understand where I’m at as far as my contract, being a UFA this summer."It’s frustrating with it being a contract year," Del Zotto said. It is what it is." In 30 games for the Flyers he's provided four goals and 10 points along with 59 blocks and 110 hits. In other words, Del Zotto might not return yet even if he's healthy enough to play.She can’t breathe on the social medias without a flood of sports blogs posting about it (wake up, guys! This was a shot across the bow of Aaron Murray () Del Zotto is now a world famous fiend– a hockey player by day, a dweeby Christian Grey by night. I mean, shit, Kacie posted the pic no more than six hours after arriving in Philly.