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I hate the tragedy projects he does but oh they are so good at the same time. @Curious Onna I'm guessing you're talking about Miura Haruma and Miura Shohei? Not all of the delinquents could pull off those highlights and especially you having white hair in Koizora, not many people would still appear as good looking as you. Stay down-to-earth, natural and adorbs actor omg all women love you, don't forget that. for some reason even though he is young but he seems very mature to me, he can totally play any type of role. I started liking you when I watched Koizora (just a couple of weeks ago! I never heard of you until then, but I quickly fell in love with you (sisterly love, that is).

There already had been rumors on this and so I decided to see what the fuss was about, and I came across this picture. On this Japanese website I read this: Shocking footage shows Miura Haruma and his girlfriend walking around, holding hands without worry in front of... sorry XD I've seen a similar picture like that, but the background was photoshopped to another location.

The one you are referring to is the picture of him holding hands with Natsuki Harada, who is 5 years older than him.The pictures published on this issue of FRIDAY are just of Aragaki's agency car entering the parking lot of the said apartment, Nishikido walking on the sidewalk, and Aragaki going home into the apartment.If they have indeed broken up, then there's no point in living within the same building.Haruma then put the Brash Brats on indefinite hiatus. NOW I just can't stop myself watching all your movies and dramas : D. Then second I saw you in "Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan" and in "Gokusen 3". Cannot wait to see him in Never Let Me Go, but I do think it's time for something romantic and funny again. from Koizora, Kimi ni todoke, Gokusen 3, You Taught Me All the Precious Things, Crow Zero 2 and Attack on Titan. Hope that I'll see you soon once i finished college and have a job haha :-) I just want to say that Haruma Miura and i have the same birthday, just the year is different.. I watched every drama and movie you are in and still watching some that I havent yet watched because seeing you makes my heart beating at a fast pace huhu especially your beautiful smile i cry(;_;)I love you so much that ugh I watched even some of the ints and shows you appeared but I cant understand japanese haha i will make sure to study and learn it so that when i come to Japan to see you, we can easily communicate with each other and laugh huhuhu omg you are such an amazing actor! Keep going, you have a hudge fandom standing behind you : D I just love u so much Harumaa... His career took off even further, appearing in the big screen version of Sky of Love and starring in the TBS drama Bloody Monday. That smile of yours could stop every girls heartbeat for a second. Marry EMI TAKEI : D hahaha Daisuki Haruma and Emi Konnichiwa Haruma-kun. And jeez, someone update the profile photo, please - it is really old and doesn't do him justice. ♡ (=゚ω゚)ノ You the best oppa hoho And if it is possible can you visit my country Philippines huehue mwah mwah tsup tsup! Ur the best I cant imagine im ur fan from this long time since 2005.! (Kudos to the director also.) You were funny in Samurai High School. Be it drama, comedy, action, you excelled them all.