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Google's plan to fix the You Tube comment system was a tacit admission that it has the worst comments in the world.Instead of listing the usual offensive barbs that You Tube comments are known for, the new system will privilege the most "relevant" comments from the video creator, popular personalities, and your Google friends.Hey dude, Are you ready tonight for a new sexual adventure? Just look at her big round boobs, they are perfect! In today’s modern world relationships can be complicated, and who has time for the dating game?You Tube may have overhauled its much-maligned comments this week, but the service's co-founder is just not feeling it.

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It was like...jacking off the computer or something lol. On the other hand, the responses were kind of cheesy. " No functional human being would say that, which leads me to believe the protagonist is actually an alien attempting to inseminate the women of earth. To get a positive reaction from players would involve giving them a positive experience. Due to the bad grammar and poor dialogue, i was thankful for the process of elimination set up.

Ok I have to admit that the "shake your mouse" deal had me laughing my ass off.