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This freedom I believe, enriches the achievement of our Independence in 1948.

While in the clutches of terrorist conflict, unprecedented development work has been undertaken by the Government, with the last four years recording an exceptional increase in per capita income, enabling sustained economic growth.

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He is also a member of the National Security Advisory Board of India.

Sir D B Jayathilake was the first Representative of Ceylon to India.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1948, after the independence of Sri Lanka and the Representative Office was re-established as a fully fledged High Commission.

Rising from the shackles of colonialism 62 years ago and annihilating an almost three decade long grip of terrorism from our shores eight months ago, we celebrate this anniversary of Independence in 2010, with a great sense of oneness and pride.

Nearly half of our country’s contemporary independent history has witnessed a struggle against the brutal forces of terrorism which sought to tear asunder the very sovereignty of our great nation gained by our forefathers.