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So this could cause conflicts if you change the title of the parent and then create the alias of the child.Heavy caution though: If the node does not have a menu link, you'll end up without an automatically aliased page. $module: The name of your module (e.g., 'node').$op: Operation being performed on the content being aliased ('insert', 'update', 'return', or 'bulkupdate'). $data: An array of keyed objects to pass to token_replace().

With that installed, I believe that [node:menu-link:parent] or [node:menu-link:parent:url] should work. First one gives me only the parent but if a Menu-Item is on the third level the first one will be missing.

How to get a token working for products in drupal commerce associated with groups from Organic Groups(OG).

(using Drupal 7) I have tried the following token setting which looks like it would produce ...

But that is not working that start working after clearing the cache, But after some non specific time it stop working. I am creating a custom block programatically, there i need to display a node title and link to it, I have accomplished the displaying of node and title. So i created a new content type to create product pages and i created a vocabulary with all my different categories in it for my products.

What I want is to be able to select the correct category ...