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In 1963, a year identifying letter (known as a suffix letter) had to be introduced - again, as a response to increasing numbers of vehicles on the road.For example, on a personalied plate like ADC 113B the B would come to indicate the year of manufacture of the vehicle, in this case 1964.The first two letters of the number plate will show where the car was first registered.The second letter is the local identifier and indicates which office it was registered through.

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Some states will give you a lot of information, including the make, model and colour, and in some cases even the VIN and engine number.If you need any more help in ensuring that you have chosen plates that you can use, simply give us a call today on 01252 49 1111 and our friendly staff will be happy to talk you through it.In the UK, London, the largest authority, was allocated registration numbers with the letter "A", Lancashire was given "B", and so on.Those fitted to cars will be white front and rear and conform to strict guidelines regarding size, font etc.The month and year of first registration in Cyprus is included on the plate.