Robert pattinson and ashley greene dating

“I originally auditioned for Bella, and then they brought me back in for Alice.And then I had to audition for her like five times,” she explained. Just kind of narrowing it down between me and like a billion girls, and then me and five, and me and two.” She continued, “When I finally got the call, I was beyond happy.She was there for all of the drama that went down between the cast and now that it's over she's dishing major secrets.She lets Twihards in on some details about who she still talks to the most which is of course, Robert Pattinson.Sources close to all parties tell Gossip Cop the Greene-Pattinson rumors are more of the same nonsense that’s dogged both stars as their fame has Ashley Greene has from behind-the-scenes of filming the widely popular vampire series!

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Ashley is forward – she made it known that she wants something more than a friendship,” claims this source.

, dishing on everything from the film series’ blood and gore to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship. “Gosh, probably, I feel like I see Kellan [Lutz] or Rob the most,” Greene replied.

, Greene was first asked which co-stars she’s still in touch with.

She was later asked about Pattinson and Stewart’s romance, revealing the cast members “all knew” before the couple went public.

But on set, “They were keeping it professional.” And years later, Greene remains grateful for her career-changing role, even if she first wanted Stewart’s part.