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Guided by his charismatic best friend, Rufus, Charlie meets the charmingly complicated Maggie Mae.

The conference has a specific focus on both SEO and content marketing, which makes sense given that the event is sponsored by Conductor, one of the leading technology platforms in the space.Conversely, if users are bouncing back to the results page and not engaging with your content, Google understands this and will penalize those sites that continually disappoint users.Conductor’s CEO Seth Besmertnik kicked off the event with the theme of “Your Customer is the Algorithm.” SEO practitioners focusing on technical optimization may have been able to “game” the system in an earlier era, but no longer.What struck me – besides the wealth of great digital marketing talent on stage – was the lack of discussion around the latest Google algorithm updates.There was little, if any, mention of the impact of the latest Panda or Penguin updates.