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In a novel new proposal, Germany's Green Party wants its government to fund the services of sex workers for the elderly and the disabled, under the idea that the prescribed sexual relief would improve their quality of life.newspaper that she “could imagine” authorities funding “sexual assistance” for patients requiring nursing care with a medical condition that might benefit from sex. The system acknowledges that the elderly and disabled population has sexual needs too, and the typical sex work customer is not one-size-fits-all.Judge Michael Höhne called the killing “bizarre” and said that it fulfilled the criteria of a “nightmare scenario”.The 32-year-old student was found guilty of manslaughter, rather than murder, despite the prosecution pushing for a life sentence.In California, Republicans are arguing that a law aimed at protecting underage sex trafficking victims is actually forcing minors into prostitution. Jerry Brown in September, SB1322 states that minors who are caught soliciting sex will not be treated as criminals to ensure that children are kept out of the criminal justice system, and instead provided with help from the Department of Social Services.The debate highlights the oft-conflated field of sex work with sex trafficking, and how opponents work to demonize the former by tying it to the latter.

It follows growing concern about the behaviour of some migrant men, such as those who went on a rampage of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, and complaints about harassment in swimming pools.German politicians have approved a law making it illegal to have sex with prostitutes without using a condom, among other regulations on the sex trade.Brothel owners will be obligated to draw customers’ attention to the law and advertising unprotected sex will be banned.Patients would need to show proof of medical need and that they could not afford the services otherwise—a concept rooted in a similar system in the Netherlands which allows prostitution to be deducted as a medical expense. This proposal has the potential to be both pragmatic Dr.Tuppy Owens of the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance told Vice, “Mostly, disabled people would like to be treated the same as anyone else," adding,"Often, disabled people use sex workers to help them move on, so they can find a partner.