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The outright winner was Allan Moffat driving a Ford XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III.

The 1971 race is perhaps best remembered for Sydney driver Bill Brown's lucky escape after the biggest single car crash in the race's history.

Changing gear is something you do for fun much of the time, such is the tractability of this impressive powerhouse.

It will even trickle along happily in sixth gear at 40mph, then not complain when you require instant acceleration.

In 2013 Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia celebrates 200 years from its naming as a town in 1813.

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Walkinshaw Performance performed the supercharger surgery, in the process fitting a large capacity intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors, a new cold-air intake and revised ECU mapping.

This normally occurs in phases, as the technology develops, as the funds allow, and the needs become pressing.

The key infrastructure developments that allowed Bathurst to grow were the road system, gas supply, telegraph network, railways, telephone, electricity, and water systems.

The development of Australia progressed with a few frontier towns built in extreme isolation like Bathurst.

Sydney was founded in 1788 and 25 years later in 1813 only a few other coastal towns had been established.