Summer glau and thomas dekker dating

I just wanted to make the point that this is a sight which has, at its heart, the essential principle that if Summer read this and she was uncomfortable about what she read, then something is wrong.

Frankly, I have left some sites because I was appalled at what was allowed. It is good to see that Summer and Thomas Dekker are close.

He played Zach for eleven scenes before leaving Heroes to play a featuring part in Fox's new show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as John Connor, featuring inverse Lena Headey and Summer Glau.

Of course and I am glad that you replied as you did!Early in the pilot, for instance, John’s would-be killer has a prime opportunity to take the kid out but goes the obvious route and thus loses his chance. Still, there was something about “Sarah Connor” that kept me engaged for both episodes.The show’s pace is brisk and efficient, and Headey (“300”) and Glau bring welcome intelligence and energy to their roles as very protective women.Headey is less of an earthy, physical presence than Linda Hamilton was in the films, but her wry and contemplative take on Sarah grew on me.Still, the show will have to work hard to beef up its characters, mythology and villains or risk become a weekly robot-versus-robot contest.