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In April 2016, Bank of America increased funding for the program to million for loans in 20. Other members of PAGE include Reid Hoffman, co-founder of Linked In, and entertainment producer Quincy Jones.

In April 2014, the Obama Administration named Burch an inaugural member of the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship, a group of successful American businesspeople committed to developing the next generation of entrepreneurs in the U. In March 2017, to coincide with International Women's Day and Women's History Month, the Tory Burch Foundation launched Embrace Ambition, a global campaign to address the double standard that exists around ambition, which is often seen as a positive trait in men and a negative one in women.

Her father was a wealthy investor who inherited a stock exchange seat and a paper cup company.

He dated Grace Kelly and Joan Bennett before marrying Reva, an actress who had dated both Steve Mc Queen and Marlon Brando.

But it’s a complete surprise to me that it’s become what it is.

And being the face of the company is a superhard thing for me.

Born: 17-Jun-1966Birthplace: Valley Forge, PAGender: Female Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Fashion Designer Nationality: United States Executive summary: Fashion designer Upmarket womens fashion designer.

2007)Mother: Reva Schapira Brother: Robert Brother: James Brother: Leonard Husband: William Macklowe (m.

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A MIXED-MEDIA MOODY AFFAIR New York’s art and lit scenes have a new “it” couple.“The initial concept was pretty simple,” she explains.“How do we make beautiful, evocative things that don’t cost a fortune?To those hoping to decipher Tory Burch through two decades of photographic tea leaves—her avian frame tucked into a meticulous evening gown, her narrow neck ringed in gems—or who feel they know her from the nostalgia-steeped, ladylike, just-bohemian-enough clothing line she helms, it may come as something of a surprise to learn that she is, at her core, a jock. It’s the end of a long day that began, as most do for Tory Burch, at a.m., and as she sinks into a plump sofa in the pea-green drawing room of her home in the Pierre hotel and squeezes a tiger-striped velvet cushion between her knees, she lobs the ball back at me. ”For Tory to admit to taking pleasure in winning would be to abandon the decorous reserve that is as essential to her character as the gold medallion is to her iconic Reva ballet flats.But if you grew up with Tory on Philadelphia’s Main Line, where as the captain of the varsity tennis team at the Agnes Irwin School for girls she had a two-handed topspin backhand that was a kill shot, or if you have played at her garden court in Southampton, Long Island, steps away from the Jazz Age neo-Georgian mansion where she spends summer weekends, then you already know that Tory plays to win. It’s hard to empire-build politely, but she has managed it, delivering one of the world’s most successful fashion brands, now valued at around .5 billion, in little more than a decade.