Uilabel not updating

From earlier: Cutting through the hype: The 5 best new features in i OS 8 i OS 8 beta 2 is now available for developers with compatible i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch devices as an over the air (OTA) download and as a download from Apple’s developer portal.The new software addresses a number of bugs from the first i OS 8 beta, and we’ll update this post with Apple’s full release notes / change log as soon as we receive them.For non-developers who had installed the i OS 8 beta at some point over the past two weeks, i OS 8 beta 2 will address some issues but many more will remain.You should probably consider going here for instructions on how to roll back to the latest version of i OS 7.1, Apple’s last public software release.Apple provides a number of tools to enable developers to build Mac and i OS apps, so first head to the Mac App Store and download the latest version of Xcode.To run apps on your own devices and not just in the simulator, you can register as an official i OS developer which also allows you to publish apps to the App Store.Apple released its first i OS 8 beta on June 2nd and anyone who has installed it since then knows it’s a bit rough around the edges.Of course, this is entirely expected — Apple’s early i OS betas are always riddled with issues that Apple fixes in the months leading up to its public release.

The logic we will follow here is to add photos in order, but place an duplicate of photo ten to the left of photo one and a duplicate of photo one to the right of photo ten.You could use Text Mate or BBEdit and then use command line tools to do the final compilation, but most developers choose to do it all within Xcode. Interface Builder is an application that lets you build your interfaces visually.Built-in objects like buttons, tab bars, sliders and labels can easily be dragged onto your app's interface and then configured by tweaking the palettes and panels.It costs per year but it's not necessary if you're just getting up and running.Here's a quick overview of the tools Apple provides.