Updating app config Bolt sexchat

This is true for any scenario where you change a file that is going to be published.

You can manually change the app.config file and then update the manifests with the new hash.

I need to update a setting in the Section Group of a . I don't have write access to the original config file at runtime (I am developing a .

Net dll add-in which is hosted in an exe provided by the app which I have no control over) so I was hoping to save a copy of the file and replace the config in the exe with the modified version at runtime.

Modified); //relaod the section you modified Configuration Manager.

Also I want make a change to the Section Group not App Settings. App Settings["Connection String"]; string sss = "Data Source="; string xxx = "; Initial Catalog=Alfalah Scholarship; Integrated Security=True"; //Configuration Settings.

Backup old file using Custom Action and merge the backup with the freshly installed version using another (deferred) Custom Action 3.Click Once uses manifests that contain hashes to all the files that are being deployed as part of the application.If you change any of the files, the hashes would break and the installation is stopped.Typically, it should be easy to swap out the config file such and replace the string value with the one for the live site when you are deploying to a live environment.However, things get interesting if you are using Click Once to deploy your application.