Updating cracked vista

The more advance hardware level BIOS SLIC mod and Vista Loader (but you yourself can remove Vista Loader) boot loader level OEM BIOS emulation are left intact and working as before.

Since May 6, KB940510 is been released for all language locales except for the German locale, and in the process, also reset the “hidden” status previously set by English locale users in Windows Update to avoid KB940510 anti-crack detection update altogether.

updating cracked vista-56

The release was meant only for system on English locale by then.

Hacking the Windows Vista activation process is the latest trend in cracking procedures for the Microsoft operating system.

Just today I distinguished yet another crack method that stands up from the amorphous mass of hacks, cracks, workarounds and tricks designed to circumvent, disable, skip, postpone or mirror the Windows Vista activation.

How to clean-install Vista using the upgrade version of Vista on any hard drive.

First run Microsoft's free Upgrade Advisor, and view "Upgrade Paths from Previous Versions".