Updating credit card information in itunes

I’m so sorry to hear of the unauthorized charges made with your i Tunes Store account.I can certainly appreciate your concerns, and will do everything I can to assist in having this resolved.One way is to go to click "Store" in the top menu and then click "Account" and "View Account" as in the below screenshot.Under "Account settings" there is the choice to "Change your default shipping or billing info", click that link and then enter your Apple ID e-mail and password to login.The card you enter here will be used on the Apple Online Store, i Tunes and Apple App Store.

Here’s the really strange part: I did not place this order for any of the 3 items on this order. It’s order XXXXXXXX I also have another order from today (ZZZZZZZZ) that I did not place. I also tried to play some older protected/DRM’d music and it still plays (so I’m guessing if someone hijacked something they didn’t deauthorize my computers).

For more details, see Quick Books Payroll Services and Features for Quick Books Desktop To view your subscription details (type, renewal date, and price), follow the steps below in updating your billing information.

Also, a notification email with your subscription details prior to the renewal and upon the renewal of the payroll service is sent to your company's billing contact (initially the purchaser of the payroll service).

With regards to financial reimbursement for the charges in question, these would have to be removed by a specialized team, designated to handle requests of this nature.

I would urge you to contact your credit card company as soon as possible to inquire about canceling the card and removing the unauthorized transactions.