Updating elastix

One of the first urges once you have your system up and running is to make sure you have all the latest updates. When a stable ISO is released, it has generally been through a beta test cycle of a month or two, running on test systems and some production systems.

There are many people who participate in this and across a variety of systems, and on the whole most issues are corrected before a stable release is made available.

Again I refer back to the previous question and answer, however, in general, updating Freepbx modules is quite safe and in many cases there are corrections in the Freepbx structure that are warranted.

Again the caveat here is only upgrade the modules that remain within the version of Freepbx that came with your Stable Elastix Version. it is reasonably safe to upgrade the Freepbx Queues module from 2.5.12 to 2.5.17 as the original base Freepbx that comes on Elastix 1.5 and Elastix 1.6 was freepbx 2.5.x.

The next time there is some critical vulnerability that affects Cent OS 6 or 7, there's a good chance that the same vulnerability affects Cent OS 5 as well.

However, as there will be no more updates to Cent OS 5, you will be left vulnerable.

The errors produced by YUM update are: Missing Dependency: 1.0.24()(64bit) is needed by package 2009020507:asterisk-11.5.0-0.x86_64 (elastix-beta) Error: Missing Dependency: 2.0.7()(64bit) is needed by package 2009020507:asterisk-11.5.0-0.x86_64 (elastix-beta) Error: Missing Dependency: 1.0.24()(64bit) is needed by package 2009020507:asterisk-11.5.0-0.x86_64 (elastix-beta) You could try using --skip-broken to work around the problem You could try running: package-cleanup --problems package-cleanup --dupes rpm -Va --nofiles --nodigest which is resolved by saying that the EPEL package supplied version should be updated to the newest version.

The original path in Cent fie is " baseurl= Just alter this path to "baseurl= notice that : mirror.is replaced by vault.AND $releasever is replaced by 5.11Just replace these in all the contexts like [base], [updates], [extras],.... Only Cent OS 6 and Cent OS 7 receive updates at the moment.A strong recommendation is to not upgrade between major version releases like the one mentioned.These numbered changes usually involve a structural change under the hood that could have a serious impact on your Elastix PBX operation.As this is a FAQ and not a full blown tutorial, I recommend reading Elastix Without Tears which has a chapter on Networking, including how to configure correctly.Remember if you configure incorrectly, you could impact on some of the features of your PBX system such as voicetoemail not working. Simple things like selecting your router for DNS, instead of a DNS server that exists in your office, means that you end up having to manually configure your mail settings.