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Well, the good news for you is, now you don’t have to stop with Kit Kat.

There’s now a Nook HD version of Cyanogenmod available.

It's time to switch from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time.

I tweeted earlier that I'd gone around the house and updated, by rough count, 18 clocks.

You can also choose between a 12-hour clock and a 24-hour clock depending on your preference.

When you change your Nook e Reader's time zone, the tablet relies on the network connection to automatically adjust to the correct time. Touch the "Use 24-hour format" option if you want to use a 24-hour clock.

New versions of it for older hardware nobody even makes anymore, like the Nook HD, are very much an open-source do-it-yourself project for tinkerers who feel like messing with it.

I gather the person who did the last Nook HD version of Cyanogenmod stopped fiddling with it after Cyanogenmod 11, Kit Kat, which is why the Nook HD has gone so long without an edition of Cyanogenmod 12 Lollipop.

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Since Barnes and Noble decided to issue a firmware update for the Nook Tablet, version 1.4.1, that disables the ability to install non-B&N apps from 3rd party sources and kills root, here’s how to revert the Nook Tablet back to the original 1.4.0 firmware and block the firmware update from happening.If you do, that's good and you're (technically) ready to head to the range.But there are a few more manual tweaks that should be made so that your device is ready to score anything from a 1-stage practice session up to a USPSA Level 2 (and maybe beyond) State Championship.I bet you have more things in your life that care about the time than you think. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author.On multiple Nook e Readers, including Nook Color or Nook Simple Touch, you can change the time by simply changing the current time zone.