Validating environmental scan

Facebook satisfaction, life satisfaction: Malaysian undergraduate experience. From intentions to actions: A theory of planned behavior. Development of our Environmental Scans (E-scans) is informed by consultation with industry and additional research.They contains the following information: A number of methods are used to gather intelligence for the E-scans, including targeted consultation with industry stakeholders, reviewing research and media reports, and drawing on information gathered as part of our day-to-day work.The findings showed that the effectiveness indicators of social marketing communication campaigns for reducing health-risk behaviors among Thai youth consist of forty-nine indicators from eight core components: 1) attitude toward health-risk behaviors reduction, 2) subjective norms, 3) perceived behavioral control, 4) intention to reduce health-risk behaviors, 5) practices for reducing health-risk behaviors, 6) knowledge in dangers and impacts of health-risk behaviors, 7) campaign brand equity, and 8) communication networks. These new developed effectiveness indicators should be taken into evaluating the effectiveness of social marketing communication campaigns for reducing health-risk behaviors among youtheffectively and efficiently for a sustained success both in Thailand and in international level. The information in the E-scans is reviewed and validated by our Industry Advisory Committees.

Walking as physical activity is generally feasible for most people, and efforts to increase community walking can help combat this trend, potentially reducing the burden of chronic illnesses (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and respiratory diseases; diabetes; and many kinds of cancer) ().The problem with this mindset is that it risks setting a tone of "debate" right from the beginning when what's needed is a calm, fact-based, assessment of your company's operating .Before you begin strategizing and defining initiatives, it's vital first to understand the "playing field," and develop a shared agreement on "where we are now" and "how things stand" as a critical context for deciding what "we should do." In the more than twenty years we've spent conducting strategic planning sessions for our clients, we've found no better way to set this thoughtful, fact-based, dispassionate foundation for strategy setting than by conducting an Environmental Scan.Walk Score® is a proprietary walkability metric that ranks locations by proximity to destinations, with emerging health promotion applications for increasing walking as physical activity.Currently, field validations of Walk Score® have only occurred in metropolitan regions of the United States; moreover, many studies employ an earlier Walk Score® version utilizing straight line distance.