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Check it on your phone, in your browser, or using a full featured client like Netcam Studio Windows Client.The motion and speed detection algorithm makes Netcam Studio to react only if needed.We were thinking of a cheap USB solution (20-60€), as the requirements are not too hard. See this forum discussion about Direct Show support for cameras ---compatible-USB-cameras/td-p/506845 More information about using NI-IMAQ with USB Cameras is found here: The camera you are looking for has an USB bus which is supported by NI SW.However, if you find another camera suitted for your needs and want to change the bus type, supported bus types with NI SW are found here: Thanks, Cata M, for your answer!Each one of you has the possibility to control the telecameras by distance via Web: the server gives access to one user at a time, while others watch and wait for their turn- very easy and enjoyable.

We dont really need high frame-rates nor high resolution. Hi, Any camera you choose, in order to be compatible with Lab VIEW and to be able to use the IMAQ driver has to have Direct Show support.Two special motorized cameras allows you to "be" on the terrace of the Palazzo Senatorio, in the piazza of the Campidoglio.The view of the Roman Forum, the Imperial Forums, Saint Peter and a great part of Rome itself (including the Coliseum) is breathtaking.With Sparko Cam it is easy to add to the video fun animated objects or even create your own custom objects by importing PNG or GIF images.Additionally, you can use a green screening effect to replace your background with custom image or watch through anaglyph glasses and enjoy stereoscopic 3D effect.