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The way Google determines if a site is mobile friendly depends on several mobile usability issues that are easily tested (the tool at the top of this page tests for all of these factors). Likely the most important step of mobile SEO is ensuring Googlebot understands your page.

If Google does not understand your mobile solution, it may not credit you for having a mobile site at all. Making sure that Google understands your mobile configuration is essential to how your website will rank in Google.

We'd recommend using Dotster as they are a quality provider and a sponsor of this site.

You can also save 15% off your entire order by using the coupon code ' Nvu' at their site. Once you have a server, you simply use the built-in FTP site manager in Nvu to connect to your site and start creating web pages. We'd recommend you check out the many tutorial videos users have created on You Tube to help you get started.

The most common scenario is that they have hired a web designer to create and maintain a website for them, and that designer has ignored their requests for the site to be updated.

And it assumes that you no longer have access to your web hosting account: that is, you cannot log into your account to download a copy of all your files (via FTP or through your web host's control panel), nor are you able to modify your website's files.

Ultimately, where technical means are concerned, everything hinges on whether you have control over your domain name. It is the means by which visitors reach your website.

Linspire contributed significant capital, expertise, servers, bandwidth, marketing, and other resources to bring Nvu to life, not just for Linux, but also for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac users.

Linspire contracted with Daniel Glazman from Disruptive Innovations to be the lead developer and maintainer for the Nvu project.