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She had become an instant celebrity, after being just an average, normal woman who had a strange event happen by chance. After digging deeper, it was found that she had used assisted reproductive technology to achieve this feat, which instantly caused controversy.An investigation took place, led by the Medical Board of California, on the doctors and specialists Nadya saw during her pregnancy.

She was being talked about on all the morning radio shows.In a new interview, the mom-of-14 not only opens up about doing porn and struggling with drugs, but she also says she “killed” the “Octomom” character in order to save herself and her kids.Kids were so excited to eat the heads off their chocolate bunnies because they only get candy on special occasions...#Easter #Bunny 🐰#Had To Eat All Their Veggies First 🌽🍅 A photo posted by Solomon Family (#mom) (@nataliesuleman) on “I descended down a very dark and destructive path,” she says of her time in the spotlight.Sources tell us the couple's been dating about two months and it's getting serious -- but the best part ... the burgeoning porn star replied, "Through church." She wasn't kidding either.It's all pretty crazy -- because back in March, Octomom told Closer magazine, "I’ve been celibate for 13 years and plan to remain so until the octuplets are 18." She insisted, “Men love me, but I will be celibate for the next 15 years."So much for that?