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For an introduction of the WPF styling and templating model, such as how to use a Style to set properties on controls, see the Styling and Templating topic. What you specify in your Data Template becomes the visual structure of your data object. We are giving instructions that each item appears as three Text Block elements within a Stack Panel.

Each Text Block element is bound to a property of the The underlying data for the examples in this topic is a collection of CLR objects.

In order to achieve your goal one of options is to change the IItem from interface to a class which implements INotify Property Changed interface (or implement it in the IItem concrete type), and hook it with the View Model's Property Changed delegate (remember to unsubscribe it).

When I click on the header Check Box to check it, I've watched the variables in the foreach loop to see it is changing the items from false to true but doesn't visually show that on the Data Grid.

A connection, or binding, between the UI and a data object allows data to flow between the two.

When a binding is established and the data changes, the UI elements that are bound to the data can reflect changes automatically.

not to properties on the object) and using the Content Presenter’s Content Template Selector to load the appropriate data template at runtime.

I think the basic idea is that an entity in his system which is not “started” will be displayed as a “Start” button, and an entity which has already “started” will be displayed as a “Stop” button.

For example, if the user edits the value in a This topic uses simple code examples to illustrate data binding concepts.The business object class implements INotify Property Changed, but since the Content Presenter is bound directly to the object (and not bound to a property on the object) its Property Changed event is irrelevant to the Binding.Suppose that an entity which has “started” is suddenly “stopped” by some part of the application.If you are binding to XML data, the fundamental concepts are the same, but there is a slight syntactic difference.For example, instead of having is a resource, you can now use it on other controls that have a property that takes a Data Template type.