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So as the saying goes; when in Rome, do as the Romans do.Two wheels is not necessarily the safest (or most legal) form of transport but it is already a right of passage for many backpackers in Nam and even if the long open road doesn’t appeal to you, moped day rentals offer a fun and cheap way to explore the caves of Phong Nha or the beaches of any number of coastal towns. As with most countries in the world, in theory you must have a license, you should have insurance and unless you have kleptomaniac tendencies you should also own the bike you are riding., the second feature from Shane Carruth (director of Primer).It’s an exceptional film for many reasons, one of which is how willfully obtuse it is.I’m lucky and/or obsessive enough to have seen it twice, so I may have a leg up on plot comprehension.I’ll try to explain it now, and will follow with some other thoughts.When she has eaten and slept, she sees the slugs inside her body reacting to the changes. He plays sounds through huge speakers into the ground, and this lures Kris to him. The farm is full of other pigs, all linked to other people (all presumably victims of the Thief), and pig Kris meets pig Jeff.The Sampler “helps” Kris by performing a procedure that removes the slugs from her body and places them into a pig. Months later, having lost her house and her job and with no memory of why, Kris has put her life back together somewhat. Their current behaviour can also be manipulated by The Sampler.

Always wear a helmet in Vietnam or you will attract unwanted attention from the police.

When travelling through Vietnam it is impossible to look anywhere (even up at times) without seeing a sea of motorbikes in all shapes and sizes, carrying anything from a 7ft water boiler to a fully grown cow and everything in between, sometimes all at the same time.

This seemingly mad situation is partly as a result of Vietnam’s insane import taxes on cars but mostly due to the fact that there is no better or more practical way to travel one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world.

Besides, it unnecessarily limits the people you get to know, especially when you are young. Elaborate and expensive dating, like most prom practices, should always be avoided. Ultimately, expensive and elaborates dates will severely limit your dating activity.

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